I want to be successful here in this city. I am not greedy. I do not pretend that anything other than hard work will get me ahead in life. - Niko Bellic


Here’s a list of the projects I’ve worked on, the list is short for now as I’m just starting my career, but this list will surely keep growing with time.


Personal website

My personal website, the one you’re reading right now.

Online courses / self learning Projects

Blog App with Django

  • Implemented a Blog app for writing and reading posts.
  • Posts have tags and the readers can find other posts that share the same tag clicking on every tag.
  • All users can read posts but only the admin can write new posts or add new tags.
  • Includes a working user authentication system.
  • Posts can be edited by the author.
  • This web app uses Python (Django), HTML, SQLite3 and some basic CSS. It was a good learning exercise especially for Django.

CS50 finance

  • Implemented a simulator for managing portfolios of stocks, for Harvard’s CS50 online course.
  • Users can “buy” and “sell” stocks from real companies (with the stock’s real prices) and see their balances and total cash.
  • The information of the stocks gets pulled from Yahoo Finance.
  • This web app uses Python (Flask), HTML + Jinja, SQLite3 and some basic CSS.
  • Code: (You can also check out my GitHub profile from there)

School Projects

I did many school projects but I either lost the code for many of them, or don’t think they’re important or interesting enough to be included here.

Stop and Wait ARQ implementation

  • Also referred to as alternating bit protocol, is a method in telecommunications to send information between two connected devices.
  • It ensures that information is not lost due to dropped packets and that packets are received in the correct order.
  • Wrote both a Server and a Client for the correct functionality. Some tests consisted in disconnecting the internet connection between the client and the server.
  • The program was able to successfully transfer files of large sizes between the server and the client, even when the connection was lost.
  • Written in C for my Computer Networks course.
  • Code: (You can also check out my GitHub profile from there)

Using speech recognition to play songs on Spotify

Just a simple project for my AI Laboratory. I used some Python libraries like SpeechRecognition, Spotipy, Pyautogui and some others to receive and recognize speech from the user using the microphone and play the desired song through Spotify.