I am a Computer Scientist. I am currently on the process of writing my thesis to obtain the degree of Computer Engineer. I am also constantly learning new things and becoming more experienced in the Software Engineering field. This with the objective to get my first job in the tech industry. My current interests are:

  • C++ Programming.
  • Python Programming.

And to a lesser degree:

  • Back end development.
  • Video games programming.

While my main area of expertise is computer programming and technology, I also like to think and talk about some other stuff, including social and political topics. Some of those topics are:

  • History.
  • Masculinity and manliness.
  • Catholicism and religion.
  • Weightlifting.
  • Politics.
  • Cinema.
  • Video games.
  • Music.

I like to talk about this but that doesn’t necessarily mean I will write in here about it. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t.


Looking for a Software Engineer? Think I could work with you or at your company? Please check out my resume page

Why Άνδρος (Ándros)?

Through my life, I’ve used many internet nicknames, but I’ve never been completely happy with most of them. For this website I wanted something a little more serious.

Look, I know no greek, so I could be messing some of this stuff, alright? Correct me if I’m wrong.

The thing is, one of my names is Andrés, which is Άνδρος, (ancient greek for Ándros).

Ándros, Andrew, Andrés, Andreas, etc…. is a proper masculine name of greek origin, it means man just like that; as opposed, or the opposite of a woman. While “human” could be referred to as άνθρωπος, ánthropos, ανθρώπου, anthrópou.

The meaning of Ándros could be understood as a man with an incredible power, manly, brave, virile, strong, and a warrior.

I believe I am none of theese things. But I strive to become them one day, and remembering the meaning of my own name empowers me, inspires me, and gives me strenght.


I am not enough of a hacker yet to host my own email, or have a GPG key or any of that stuff (I don’t understand it). So for now, we’ll have to do with stuff used by normal people:

My email address using evil Google (for now):

I should work a little harder to escape the botnet. Please be patient, I am just starting to dive into this world.


I built a very simple and ugly website for a college assignment in my Databases course. It was just super basic.

Some years later, while doing CS50 (Harvard’s Intro to Computer Science), I was assigned to make a website using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I managed to get some really basic stuff that got the job done, but I was far from happy with the results. So after browsing some Webrings, I decided to put a little more effort into this and try to build something better.

This website was built on July 2023. It is powered by Hugo. At first, I tried to use a custom theme that I shamelessly copied from sizeof(cat). Their theme was, in place, based on another theme so apparently what I was trying to do was modify an already modified theme. It was a mess though, as I did this without being familiar enough with Hugo. This wasn’t Sizeof(cat)’s problem or fault though, I take the blame completely on me. After some days of trial and error, and many frustrations, I started from scratch using another theme. This website is currently using the LoveIt theme.

I am STILL getting used to Hugo and everything webdev related so I consider this to still be a work in progress.