Massive Attack


Today was a very busy day, I was feeling quite distracted and stressed. I’ve been working non-stop, and there is still more work to do. In an effort to try to add some something that helps me focus a little more, I decided to play one of my favorite alums for programming and working in general, and now I am trying to remember the first time I listened to Massive Attack, one of my all time favorite bands.

Honestly, I can’t recall. But there are a number of things I am sure about. For instance, I am pretty sure the first I heard of them was their famous album Mezzanine. Another thing I am certain of, is that I heard nothing like that before, it hooked me from the very beginning.

Massive Attack is a music group formed in Bristol, England by Robert “3D” Del Naja, Adrian “Tricky” Thaws, Andrew “Mushroom” Vowles and Grant “Daddy G” Marshall. According to Wikipedia, they are considered as the fathers of Trip hop. Their style can be considered as experimental hip-hop, though it combines elements of dub, jazz, soul, alternative music and a strong influence in electronic music.

Their sound is something that has always set me in a particular mood. They are one of my top choices for playing “music to program”. And of course, this only got more intense after noticing, during a rewatch, that the amazing opening scene in The Matrix (1999) where Neo is sleeping at his computer desk with Dissolved Girl playing in the background. Now I just can’t listen to Massive Attack without making an association with computers, programming or technology. There is something magical about their particular electronic sound that feels fitting for working, reading, tinkering about with the configuration of your PC or one of your projects, browsing the web, or maybe even driving at night.

Some of their best albums, in my opinion, are of course Mezzanine and the way more “hacker-like” (if that makes any sense) Heligoland. Although, their other albums are also great.

Honestly, Massive Attack is not a particularly underground band, nor is it hard to find in any way. They are quite famous all over the world. It is very likely that you have already heard about them or listened to their music. But if not, I recommend you ardently to give them a try.