Lainring is a decentralized webring created by the users of Lainchan; an anonymous image board.

Lainring is quite a big reason of why I have a website in the first place. Ever since visiting the Lainring, I fell in love with the concept, and wanted to be part of it. So here we are.

Being in a webring does NOT mean I endorse or support the points of views or contents of the websites in said webring.

How to join

Go to the Lainchan thread and link your website. Add a 240x60 button.

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The Lainring

Here’s the Lainring in all its glory.

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Thanks to Sizeof(cat) for, like much of my site, helping me learn how to show this. If you want to add the Lainring to your site, go check out his version of the lainring. He includes there a quick guide on how to set it up.